Monday, January 6, 2020

Swot Analysis Biometrics Biometric Fingerprint And Voice...

Abstract— Biometrics is the technique of using exclusive, non moveable, physical characteristics, such as fingerprints, to earn entry for personal identification. Since After the invention of the exclusive technology it has been being used in safety systems and authentication. Presently, security fields have three different types of authentication, they are: Something we know: a password, PIN, or piece of personal information something we have: a card key, smart card, or token and something we are: a Biometric based computer networks and its access in the internet are the techniques which are known little and very rarely implemented. This paper deals with the accessibility of biometrics in a practical application like polling of votes-‘e-voting’ using a physical entity (finger print, Voice Recognition) through computer network. Keywords— E-voting, Biometrics Fingerprint Voice Recognition, Authentication, MFCC algorithm. I. INTRODUCTION Here we are simulating the large-scale voting system from anywhere. That means that the user can access to give vote from, them home PC, internet cafe, office PC. For this we are connecting the user PC with the voting server via Local Area Network (LAN). The user has to log on to the voting server via own PC. They will be asked for the authentication of identity. The user can then authenticate them ID using either Voice recognition or Fingerprint recognition Or Both. The main concept of the project is to make possible the voter to

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